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Space-Time Collapse Vol II: Community Futurisms

Space-Time Collapse Vol II: Community Futurisms


Books are currently on backorder and will ship on or around February 15, 2021

Space-Time Collapse is an experimental writing and art/activist series in which Black Quantum Futurism-- as both a praxis and a movement-- imagines future(s) and recovers past(s), using experimental writing, cosmic visions, and exploratory images in Black speculative practices. Space-Time Collapse Part II considers time, memory, and temporality as experienced by people of the African diaspora over time and across space, while exploring how these communities create and enact alternative cultural, communal, and personal temporal-spatial frameworks.


The book dreams and speaks in oral futures, witnesses spatial-temporal autonomy, and demands housing justice. Included in the collection is research, images, interviews, and writing from Community Futurisms: Time & Memory in North Philly, a BQF collaborative art, preservation, and creative research project exploring the impact of redevelopment, gentrification, and displacement-- forces that cause activated space-time collapses within marginalized North Philadelphia communities.


Contributions from local writers and activists revive the historical memory and quantum histories and detail some of the spatial-temporal interventions and memory preservation projects happening in the neighborhood. Submissions by non-local writers and artists reflect on how the experiences of the North Philadelphia community are not unique; the affordable housing crisis, gentrification, and spatial-temporal displacement of Black and poor people are all happening in similarly-situated communities throughout the Afro-diaspora. Thus, their contributions will explore Afrofuturistic, Black speculative, and Black quantum tools for addressing these issues, speaking into existence both ancient and new visions for deconstructing old problems.


Featuring works by: Camae Ayewa, Rasheedah Phillips, Quentin Vercetty, Faye Anderson, Soraya Jean-Louis, Arturo Castillon, Jason Harris, R. Stanford, Dox Thrash House, North Philly Peace Park, Natalie-Claire Luwisha-Bowditch, Marcus Borton, and Womanist Working Collective, with cover art by Jessi Jumanji.


*Proceeds from sale of the book are used to build and maintain a community archive and website of the project, and to support resources and donations to other community-based projects in North Philly, such as The North Philly Peace Park, Brewerytown-Sharswood NAC, The Dox Thrash House, and others.


    Paperback: 204 pages

    Publisher: The AfroFuturist Affair/House of Future Sciences Books (January 31, 2020)

    Cover Design: Jessi Jumanji 

    Interior Layout: Max Scratchman

    Language: English


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