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Just In Timekit

Just In Timekit


The Just in Timekit contains tools, guidelines, and resources that you can use to run discussion groups. 


Building on tools developed by Black Quantum Futurism since 2012 and adapting a few tools from the Long Time Acedemy Toolkit, the Timekit contains tools that center on new ways of understanding our relationships to space-time, utilizing specific social, geographical, and cultural frameworks that depart from colonial linearity and shift the standards and protocols of time that leave Black people locked out of the past and future, and stuck in a narrow temporal present.  The Timekit also includes a syllabus, meeting agenda template, and discussion questions to facilitate your own discussion based on the Time Zone Protocols project. You can use the Timekit to add to the collectively developed protocols, resolutions, temporal tools, time zones, and new markers of time that have been compiled to be utilized in  communities with a commitment to working toward creating liberated futures and restoring or creating new localized space-times and shared temporal principles. Learn more at

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