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Futurist Garvey/Gravity Zine

Futurist Garvey/Gravity Zine


Zine Accompanying soundscape and moving image study on Futurist Garvey. Futurity in the Black diaspora predates the coining of the term afrofuturism. One example of this is Marcus Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association and the Black Star Line, which envisioned the future of Black Americans as a return, by ship, to Africa, and which took practical steps to create an alternative economy to achieve these goals. Imagine how different the course of history would be, had the Black Star Line succeeded with its stated mission. On the other hand, one can see the spread of the Garveyite waves of gravity, his impact on the future of Black America-to-come, as a catalyst and inspiration for other Black resistance movements, with an influence in name and philosophy capable of binding space-time.

All zines are digital download only. 


    Pdf digital download, 4 pages front to back

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