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Zine accompanying moving image and sound study.


The mysterious Antikythera Mechanism, an astrolabe known as the first computer, was recovered in 82 fragments from a sunken shipwreck off the island of Antikythera around 1900. Although it is widely believed to have been constructed by a Greek astronomer around 100 BCE, this origin story has not been confirmed. No other such technologically complex artifact appeared anywhere in Europe until late 14th century. In 2015AD, BQF Theorists unearthed rare, previously unseen records and unheard sound clips claiming to detail the true origins of the mechanism as designed and constructed by a secret society in ancient Ifriqiyah as a device for time displacement.

music produced by bqf collective

Album originally released through DWS Summer 2015 Catalogue, Available for free download at 


    Pdf digital download, 4 pages front to back

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