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In collaboration with Icebox Project Space Distance≠Time exhibition and performance, Black Quantum Futurism presents Time Camp 001, a two-day program and interactive installation exploring time, alternative temporalities, time travel, and temporal shifts from various frameworks, disciplines, and cultural traditions. The program includes two days of workshops, presentations, rituals, film screenings, interactive installations and special performances from local and national artists, scientists, social activists, filmmakers, writers, poets and more at Icebox Project Space.

Hashtags:  #TimeCamp001   #TC001

*Workshop descriptions below

Time Camp Day 1 Welcome

11:30AM - 12:00PM

Day 1 Program and Exhibition Overview

Light Breakfast

Concurrent Workshops 1

12:00PM - 1:30PM

- Convergence x Subduction/Plates x Planes w/ Sapphire Woods

- Time Travel in the Dream State workshop/lecture w/ Nickelangelo

Break 1

1:30PM - 2:15PM

Snacks, games, Time Camp film screenings, exhibition visit, Temporal Library readings


Moor Mother sound/dream meditation (10 participants)

Concurrent Workshops 2

2:15PM - 3:45PM

- The Build 2020 Manifesto: Past, Present, Future w/ Molina Speaks

- Lasers, Portals, Entropy and Magic w/ Kendra Krueger

Break 2

3:45PM - 4:00PM

Snacks, games, exhibition visit, Moor Mother sound/dream meditation (10 participants)

Concurrent Lectures


- How the brain perceives time and what it means for your memories lecture w/ Nathan Fried

- The First Light Series: Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Dark Time Talk Back w/ Alex Harsley

Concurrent Workshops 3

4:30PM - 6PM

- Timelessness and the Child Unconscious in Poetry w/ Maggie Lily

- The Social Alchemy of Mestizaje Consciousness w/ Sheree Brown & Asia Dorsey

Special Presentations


- Tarot readings by OSHUN

- Performative Workshop with YATTA

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